Know About the Four Essential Aspects of Learning a language

By | February 17, 2012

Many people while learning a new language, start learning it directly by speaking. They think that by speaking fluently, they have mastered the language, which is not correct. A language cannot be learned just by learning speaking.

There are four different forms of a language – writing, reading, listening and speaking. In order to master a language, you need to master the above said four aspects of the language. And the interesting thing is that every form is interdependent on each other. That means, you cannot read without knowing how to write and you cannot speak without listening. Hence, in order to gain knowledge about the language you need to learn all the above said forms.

Every form of language has its own importance in the language. And moreover, learning one aspect eases you to learn the other aspects. Let us know how these aspects are interrelated and how to master them step wise.

Writing is an initial step in learning a language. Hence, it is a slow process. It takes time to learn writing in any language. Since, it gives ample time to learn, you can master it slowly but perfectly.

Once you are introduced to alphabets and basic grammar, you will be able to understand and form small sentences. Hence, you can start reading. Reading helps you to expand your already existing knowledge. Once you start reading, most of the language can be learned on your own without any trainer. Start reading comics and stories and then advance to higher level of writings.

Listening is a process which helps in understanding the language more perfectly. Both reading and listening serve this purpose, but listening helps in comprehending speech, whereas, reading helps in comprehending writing. By constant listening you will be able to understand the pronunciation and accent of the native speakers and then reciprocate it correctly.

Speaking is the final part of learning the language. It is final because, one can speak the language perfectly only when you are perfect with the above said aspects of language. For fluent speaking, you need to have command over the language, which can be gained after you master the above aspects. Listening acts as great aid in learning the pronunciation and accent which is critical in speaking a language.

Having known the importance of all the four aspects, don’t ever think that you have mastered the language just by mastering any one of the above aspects.