Types of Ornamental Shrubs to Beautify your Garden

By | March 30, 2012

Isn’t it interesting to create your own garden at your home? You can have fun and relaxation by creating a garden in your home yard. The moment you think of a garden, you remember many flowering plants. There are different types of ornamental shrubs which give a pleasant look to your garden. They are mostly used in landscaping as foundation plantings, screens and backgrounds. You can even add them as walkway and driveway accents.

Miniature treesOrnamental shrubs like Barberry and Glossy Abelia can be used as foundation plantings which are placed near the foundation of the home. They add specific feature to your landscape. Glossy Abelia, a medium sized ornamental shrub, has a rich shiny foliage. It is evergreen in warmer climates and particularly deciduous in colder temperatures. Even, barberries are hardy bushes which can withstand a wide array of soil and climatic conditions.

Shrubs like Butterfly Bush and Japonica can be used for screen and background planting. In order to prevent unwanted views within a property, these shrubs are planted in a home garden. They can even be used as privacy fences and as background plants for smaller shrubs.

Fairy garden

Garden paths, driveways and walkways can be decorated by smaller accent shrubs like Pampas Grass and Siberian Dogwood. Some other colorful ornamental shrubs including Hibiscus, Mussaenda, Pentas, Ixora and Lantana add beauty to your garden. The list of shrubs is never ending. Many ornamental shrubs produce showy and fragrant flowers which bloom for months at a time. Different shrubs thrive at different climatic conditions. So, shop for the best ornamental shrubs which are suitable for your home garden and make it more attractive.Miniature Gardening