Know the Ideal Time to Practice Yoga

By | April 13, 2012

Benefits of practicing yoga does not depend on how well we are doing it but on how often we are doing it. Yoga is meant for regular practice and not for weekly or monthly sessions. Regular practice of yoga includes doing it at a regular point of time everyday. Even though one has the right to choose the time whenever he feels free or during the comfortable time of the day, there are certain advantages of doing yoga at certain periods of the day. Let us see the benefits.

samanya DharmaIn the morning: Many people think that yoga during the early hours is beneficial and in fact it is. Morning hours are considered as sacred hours in Sanskrit as the nature is cool, calm and still in the serene state. Nothing is disturbed and you can feel the freshness in the air only during these hours. For the people who struggle with their hectic lifestyle this period is advisable, as yoga during this period will boost their energies and make them feel active until their last working minute.

In the afternoon: No other exercise can be performed at this point of time except yoga. As this is the typical time for practice, people often tend to minimize yoga to meditation and other breathing techniques. Individuals who feel stressed at the middle of the day due to work pressure are advised to practice few techniques during this period.

During evening or night: Evening time yoga is the most popular period of yoga after the early hours. Since most of the outside and pressurized work is completed at this point of time, this is the best time to relax your muscles and to reinforce the body to relax well. It takes away all the work stress and the physical fatigue due to the day time work and makes the body feel free to relax and promote better sleep. It helps to bring back all the energy that is lost during the day.

These are the three common periods to practice yoga and their different benefits. Now it is your turn to decide when to schedule your daily yoga practice.