Plants that Can be Grown in Hydroponic Gardening

By | April 10, 2012

Hydroponic gardening is a way of growing plants in a nutrient-rich water. The plants are anchored to the inert growing medium. Gravel, sand, perlit,fairy houses coconut fiber are some of the mediums used in hydroponic gardening. Some plants are better suitable for growth by this method. However, almost any plant can be grown by hydroponic gardening.

Vegetable plants like pepper plants, cucumbers, tomato plants and squash can grow well in hydroponics. There is no need for the roots to go in search of nutrients. The solution provides the nutrients to the roots by direct access. Such vegetable plants which are growing in such hydroponic systems have shorter roots with denser root balls than those in soil gardens. Therefore, much energy is transferred towards the plant growth instead of the root growth.

Kitchen herbs can also be grown in hydroponics system. Herbs should be continually cut back when you clip leaves and springs for culinary and craft use. The direct access to the fresh nutrients in hydroponics make the herbs able to renew themselves. Do not think thatminiature houses hydroponics is only for vegetable and herb gardening. It can also grow flowering plants. In particular, flowers which are grown for cutting such as lilies, tulips, yarrow and carnations can grow well in hydroponics. You can also grow them indoors. You should also know that plants which develop large roots, like radishes and carrots cannot be grown by hydroponic gardening. Even you cannot grow potatoes by it. Consider these things and decide the type of plant you want to grow in hydroponic system.