What is Banner ad – All You Need to Know?

By | November 1, 2012

A banner ad or web banner comprises graphical images and rich media that can be uploaded in a website. It can be delivered by an ad server by embedding on the World Wide Web page. These are small rectangular boxes that are seen on the websites and considerably differ in appearance and subject matter.

Ad servingBanner ads are small pieces of html code, and when you click on the banner, the internet browser takes you to the advertiser’s website. Websites make money through advertisements; one of the most popular forms of internet advertising is banner ads. Web banners function in the same way as traditional advertising that notifies the customers about the product or service. The advertisement is built with images, sounds, animation and video to maximize the presence.

Ad server softwareA banner ad stays at one place on a web page similarly like an advertisement seen in magazine or newspaper but has an ability to present multiple images, provide animation and change the appearance. Click through is a process when the viewer clicks on the banner the viewer is directed to website advertised in the banner. Affiliates earn money based on CPC (Cost per click) model. For every unique user who clicks on the ad, money is earned by the affiliates.