What Does Travel Medical Insurance Cover?

By | November 5, 2012

Many people think that there is no necessity of medical insurance while traveling because it is not needed instead investing on it. But suppose your planning is an adventure in a remote location or in an area where there can be a chance of hazardous diseases then travel medical insurance may help you relax on your vacation. Travel medical insurance can decrease your concerns about the cost of any treatment you might need while traveling.

However in many countries, the range of medical treatment around the world is so broad, varied and so expense that travelers cannot afford it even for just taking a simple appointment. The person without having medical insurance cover will be lumped by costly bills. So, in order to avoid this situation better to take this cover along with the travel insurance policy because we don’t know what serious medical emergencies may come while traveling.

Travel medical insurance is one of the forms of travel insurance policy which covers the traveler or holder (who taken the travel medical insurance cover) for medical expenses, emergency evacuation, accidental death and hazardous activities. But not all policies cover the holder if they had any pre-existing conditions.

Travel medical insurance could cover medical expenses such as a long stay in a hospital or prescriptions that you must fill while on a trip for an illness contracted on that trip, if you fell during a climb and need emergency transportation, can get the best treatment for an injury or a serious illness.

Emergency evacuation
suppose if your policy covers emergency evacuation, then the insurance company pays you all the needed for air ambulance and medical staff in the event of a severe trauma or if you become ill and they cannot take you back home via normal commercial aviation.

Pre-existing medical conditions
While buying medical insurance, you should declare the treatments you are currently under or you have taken any treatment within the last 12 months. For this coverage you have to wait for the confirmation by the company.

Medical expenses
It covers all the medical expenses while you are abroad, if you are sick. Not all companies offers 100% medical expenses.

Repatriation of Remains
Suppose unfortunate event of the policy holder’s death, the insurance company covers the cost needed to get the body back home.