Tools Useful In Online Advertising

By | November 15, 2012

Online Advertising enables to reach out to a large number and attract the audience suitable to a business or an organization.  In the current environment where commute is difficult and life is stressful people increasing prefer to do both shopping research and shopping from the comfort of their homes.

ad serverPPC and banner ads are two internet advertising models that makes easy to reach your target visitors and sometimes you pay only when you get results.

Some popular  tools for online advertising are listed below, the features and popularity of the tools keeps on changing.  So it is best to verify the current popular tools. However, this list will be a good starting point to check the tools and choose which one fits your needs.

Ad servers for publishersAdwords Wrapper: It is a time saving keyword tool that simplifies the search, it wraps the keyword phrases in quotation marks and square brackets which can be used in Google adwords campaigns.

Keyword Combiner: It is used to combine word list to ensure that you see all possible combinations of words for your PPC Ad campaigns, selecting domain names etc.
Pay per click search engine:
The PPC guide provides reviews, ratings and suggestions. The monthly newsletters give the best of PPC to your inbox while their site is daily updated with the best in PPC.

Google Adwords: It is the main advertising service of Google. It is a source of revenue for Google. Google Adwords offer pay per click advertising, banner ads, rich media, Cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Google Adwords reached local, national and international avenues.

ad servingSpyfu: It lets check your internet competitors and helps to download your competitors keywords and adwords that makes you stay a step ahead of your competitors.