How To Deal with Overheated Car Engines

By | July 24, 2013

When you find your car engine getting overheated, switch off the car air conditioning and you should roll down your windows down to get some fresh air because the overheated car engine may cause some serious dangers to the engine. After that you should turn on the heater at full speed so that it will draw some heat from the engine.

replacement radiatorsYou should also turn off the car and also pop the hood to release, before that you should check whether the hood is too hot. For this, you need to touch it to ensure that it is too hot and the steam is coming out of it. If not so, before opening it, you should wait for a while to cool the hood. Don’t touch it until it cools completely, because it may hurt you.

Let the car cool completely and don’t open the radiator cap until you feel it has been completely cool. When you find the engine is cooled down, check for the coolant reservoir tank and open the radiator cap to look at the radiator coolant levels or add the water to the radiator until it fills to cool the engine completely. Then close the cap of the radiator.

Then you should check for all hoses and also make sure that they do not have any damages and leakages, that cause fluid to leak out.

When you start the engine again, you should keep an eye on the temperature gauge, because the temperature may go high and the engine get over heated again, then you may need to turn of the engine again.

You should not drive the vehicle when it is overheated, because this may cause engine damage.