Things to Do for Automobile Dealerships on Facebook

By | January 20, 2014

There have been and will be wrong and right ways to go about marketing on Facebook. The only thing change the ways to go about doing the right thing. While some would say there are no rules on the social media websites. But there are definitely best practices to do and to avoid there are poor practices. The Vertical Response gave some rules that can help to generate a successful social media campaign presence on the Facebook. It is not all about the numbers, however they are important.

  • Do the following:
    • Replacement auto parts reviewsThe 80/20 rule: Post a mixture of both play and work. Make sure that eighty percent of your posts are social relating to your audience or the industry. The remaining Twenty percent is about your products or services.
    • Response should not be later than 24 hours: If possible respond within an hour or should not more than 24 hours, even it is just to say thanks. If there are any negative comments, acknowledge in public and solve in private. If the negative comments are handled properly, people will apologize on your dealership’s page.
    • Character limits: The posts with less than 80 characters are 66% more engagement (with likes and comments) than lengthy ones. Make sure to keep your post for less than eighty characters.
    • Question and content: Question posts are getting 92% higher comment rates than non-question posts. At the end of your post ask a question. According to Salesforce Buddy Media, the posts that have a question located at the end have a fifteen percentage higher overall interaction rate, and a double higher comment rate than the questions asked in the middle of the post.
    • Postings limit per day: According to research by Lab42, 82% of the people think that Facebook is a good place to interact with brands. However, 47% of the people do not like brands on Facebook as because ‘they clutter my newsfeed’.
    • Keep it organic: Reach out to your established networks and communicate the word about your Facebook page by linking to it with your blog, website and emails. Send emails to the people by mentioning specifically as they can find you on Facebook. You can make a good Facebook presence by posting photos, links and content. Quality fans are more likely to read and share your content and make a purchase. Build your Facebook followers completely organically.

Auto dealerships have some additional advantages than the other businesses. Most people like the cars. They read, watch, listen, share and talk about it. If you are sharing good content, interesting facts, about your original equipment manufacturer, good looking photos of your brands will automatically refer your page at the time of casual discussions and the followers will grow.