Things to Avoid for Automobile Dealerships on Facebook

By | February 3, 2014

There are no hard and fast rules on publishing on Facebook with respect to business promotion. You need to know some rules to make your customers go along with you, and to attract new customers to your Facebook dealership page. It is difficult to maintain a long term presence in the social media. The following points will help you make the followers stick to your dealership page on the Facebook.
Things to avoid on Facebook

  • Constantly posting promotions: If you constantly post promotions, it could lead your followers to flee. If you are posting advertisements all the time, it is equivalent to advertising during a favorite show on television. You may leave the room rather than sit through the commercials. It is similar to constant promotions on Facebook, which will cause the viewers to leave your page.
  • Ignoring audience: Remember that there are human-beings behind the social media platform. Ignoring people, whether they write negative or positive comments on your dealership business on Facebook will disappoint, or worse, make them angry.
  • Lengthy posts: Adding context to a photo or like is always fine. But writing a lengthy status update in a single post will cause the followers’ eyes to glaze over. In the beginning, they may simply avoid the posts instead of reading them. If you continue the same over a period, they will leave as they may consider it unnecessary.
  • Buying likes: A large and excessive amount of ‘Likes’ may look important to the success of your dealership’s Facebook page. But the artificial followings can have definite drawbacks. Fake fans can lead to low engagement. And they will negatively impact the likelihood of Facebook users seeing your content. The lower the percentage of followers’ engagement with your postings and content, the less is likely that you will appear in the news feed.
  • Writing fake comments: On Facebook, engagement with the followers is a legitimate desire for all the businesses. However, writing fake comments will do a disservice. Fake Facebook accounts are also easy to spot. Customers will happily call you if you provide genuine. Gaining real customer feedback – bad or good will help you determine what content is working and what is best for your audience.
  • Clutter the news feed: The foremost reason for social media users ‘unliked’ a company or a brand page on the Facebook is because of those are posted very often. Therefore, avoid don’t posting too frequently. Make it once to twice a day or one to four times in a week.

It is easier to do what not to do than doing what you should. Make sure to take care of these points while you are on Facebook. It will help your auto dealerships sustain a long and effective presence.