Protect Your Car Paint

By | March 6, 2014

Until the time your car is in your garage, the problems to the exterior and the paint are almost nothing. Once it comes out, there are many problems. In sunny and warm weather the sun rays can damage the paint of your car. In cold weather, the car can get effect by the salt. In this article we will see how to protect your car’s paint.

  • Heat, Sun or UV protection: The sunlight will fade the the paint of your car. If your vehicle is exposing to the extreme sunlight and temperature the paint get cracks and can expand. The cracks will allow water and other liquids. It eventually cause the rust. Preventing rust is difficult as you drive your car in different seasons. The best way to keep away the paint from fading is limit your vehicle to Sun exposure. Which means not that you only have to drive in the night time or the sunlight is very low. Your car paint is not such a weak. It is better to limit the hours of your car in direct exposure of sunlight especially in the summer season.
  • Cleaning: If you keep the dirt for a long time on your car, it will cause to damage the paint. Always use proper tools to clean your car. Some are specifically for washing the cars. Using them is a good for your paint for long time. Use paint safe microfiber or cotton to clean. Use the products that have balanced pH and non-detergent formulas. Because they will strip off the wax.
  • Bird droppings: Birds, bats and other droppings are a threat to the car paint. These droppings have chemicals and they extremely harmful to the car paint. You can avoid them in different ways. One of that is avoiding your vehicle parking under the trees. If anything you find on the car paint, immediately clean it with some warm soapy water, rub gently with sheep wool.
  • Fluids and fuel: Fluids and fuels are stored inside the car and mostly they are not come out to the paint. But many people carry fluids and fuels in their cars while services and running. Sometimes they split or pour or get contact on the car paint while carrying or filling or doing something with them. They will deteriorate the car paint and slowly revealing the under layers. Take car while filling fuel. If they spilled clean the surface. Brake fluid damage extreme than the gasoline. So need extra care in those situations.

Waxing is one the ways to keep safe your car’s paint job. Try to keep waxing as part of your car maintenance. It will decrease the fading risk. Immediate actions will help you to keep your paint safe. The longer you are waiting to clean the larger the damage to your paint.