Basic Car Maintenance Tips

By | September 19, 2013

Maintaining a car is very important to make sure that it performs well. Whether it is a new car or a pre-owned one, maintenance is must. For used cars, maintenance expenses are higher than the new cars. Maintenance of the car will help in long reliability and to prevent breakdown. It also minimizes the visit to the garage. Following are some of the basic maintenance tips for cars:

Wash the car
Wash the car once a week or a month. Washing your car keeps it clean, free from corrosion and keeps it shiny. Do not forget to clean the interior of the car. Spilled liquids (sodas, juices) can cause rough dirt particles. Clean the lenses on dashboard with soft cloth. Brush or hose down the mats and dry in the sun before placing back in the car.

Engine oil
In the manual given by the company, changing of engine oil will be clearly described. Mostly it is between 3 to 4 thousand miles or 3 to 6 months. Frequent oil changing is very essential especially in used cars. Because of changing engine oil, dirt and metal particles flush out of the engine and increase engine life. Oil filters will have dirt, it will mix with new oil, better to change the oil filters too.

Check the fluids
Read the owner’s manual to check when the fluids should be changed. Fluids include antifreeze fluids, trans-axle, windshield washer, transmission, power steering fluid and brake fluids.

Check the tire pressure regularly. Check the manual to know the recommended pressure for the tires. Improper pressure maintenance will lead to decrease in gas mileage. Also check treads wear. Wheel alignment is also very important. Improper alignment of wheels will shorten tires life and causes steering problems.

Today most car batteries are maintenance free. It is better to check the car battery regularly to extend the life. Keep the battery terminals clean. If the engine gives trouble while starting the vehicle, it is an indication that the battery should be changed. If there are any cracks or bulges on the battery case replace the battery.

Engine coolant
Generally engine coolant or antifreeze has to be changed on every 30 thousand miles or every two-three years. To check the engine coolant, turn off the engine and wait until the engine is cool. Locate coolant reservoir, the liquid should reach full line on the side of the coolant reservoir.

Professional car care service providers offer periodical maintenance and car parts inspection. These maintenance help in boosting the performance of the car and making it hassle free.