Dealing with Heated Car Engine

By | November 24, 2013

Often car engine gets heated up in hot weather. This situation hardly appears with modern cars, but even an advanced automobile can get overheated. If the temperature indicator on dashboard begin to rise that means your car engine is getting heated. In addition, in order to avoid further damage to your vehicle, help your vehicle to cool down. This article contains information on Do’s and Don’ts when your car engine gets heated up.

Following are some do’s and don’ts you should remember when your car engine gets heated up:


  • >radiator replacement adviseWhen you see that your car engine is getting heated, as soon as possible turn off the air conditioner and turn on the heater. This will help in pulling out some heat from the engine.
  • Pull your car off from the roadway to some safe area or in parking area.
  • When you reach some safe place to stop, quickly shut your engine off.
  • Then open the car’s hood. This will allow air to get in the engine compartment, thus help it to cool down. This should be done slowly and with great care, as sudden burst of oxygen can lead a shouldering engine to burst in to flames.
  • After opening the hood safely, check for any leakage from hose or other belts. Do remember that you cannot replace any part until and unless the engine compartment cools down completely. This can take few hours.
  • For checking any fluid leakage from the car, look at the ground under the car. An oil leakage shows that there is serious problem with the engine.
  • Keep checking the temperature indicator on dashboard. This will help you determine whether you can start driving your car or not.


  • >Best replacement radiatorsDo not drive overheated vehicle. Stop as soon as possible, as doing so can result in major damage to engine.
  • Do not touch anything under the car’s hood unless this compartment cools down, as you may get serious burns.
  • Never remove the radiator cap from heated engine, as hot liquid can shoot out and burn you badly.
  • Remember, you should not put cold water on the heated engine. This will not only damage the mechanical parts, but will also create hot steam that will burn you. Leave and allow the engine to cool on its own.