Advantages of Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission Vehicles

By | May 17, 2014

Manual transmission:
Manual transmission also called as manual gear is a driver operated clutch and gear stick moved by a hand or a foot in motor vehicles. Manual transmission can deliver better acceleration and fuel economy. Using this manual transmission their is a chance for the driver or the person who is driving to choose the gear he wants to use based on the condition. Manual transmission avoids power requirement as the human works on it.

Automatic transmission:
Automatic Transmission vehicles shifts the gear automatically without the help of the driver and changes the gear ratio automatically when the vehicle moves on. Here the drivers work is simple as he don’t want to operate on gears. Automatic transmission have some set of gears defined by default.

Differences between manual and automatic transmission:

  • The only difference between manual and automatic transmission is shifting the gears and the operation of gears.
  • Automatic transmissions are less energy efficient when compared to manual transmissions.
  • Most of the people prefer using manual transmission rather than automatic transmission because of the cost and operation.
  • The performance of the manual gears will be better if you want the power from the engine and the acceleration offered by it is high in most of the cases when compared with manual.
  • Fuel economy is best with manual.
  • Automatic transmission vehicles need more repair and maintenance cost.

Advantages of manual transmission:

  • The cost of the manual transmission cars are more cheaper when compared to the cars that use automatic transmission.
  • The gas mileage with manual transmission is more than the automatic.
  • Repairs and maintenance of the manual takes less cost and doesn’t need regular maintenance.
  • These can be controlled better to that of automatic as these are manually operated.
  • The performance of the manual is good as its acceleration is better.

Advantages of automatic transmission:

  • Automatic transmission is easy to operate because the transmission itself takes care about the shifting of the gears based on the acceleration with out the intervention of the driver
  • These are driver comfort vehicles
  • This is the best choice for people who travel in heavy traffic
  • The resale value of the vehicles with automatic transmission is more as they are more popular now
  • They are superior in power supplement and the shifting over the gears
  • These type of transmissions are better in hill climbing situations