Miniature Gardening: A Great Way to Relieve Stress

By | October 28, 2018

We are aware of the fact that gardening is a great stress buster. In spite of its health benefits, many of us fail to get involved with gardening. Most of us either live in condos or city houses where there is real space constraint. Even if they have space they do not have the time to do gardening. So, planting a garden often remains a dream. City folks need not despair, they can instead try miniature gardening.

Today, everyone is stressed in some form or other. You have to find ways to control stress that will help to reduce its adverse effects and improve your mood. Creating a front yard or backyard garden is a great idea. If this is something that is not an option for various reason you can do miniature gardening. Starting your own garden even though in a small container can relieve stress and make you happier. With the effects of stress minimized, you can lead a healthier life for long.

Why Miniature Gardening is Good for You?
There are numerous reasons why it is better to spend time on creating a miniature garden. The major one being the type of housing you live in. If you are living in an apartment or townhouse you may not have an option to engage in a more traditional front yard or backyard garden. This is not the only reason, there are other good reasons which are explored further in this article.

Keeps You Engaged
Often times it becomes harder to divert our attention from the problems of our lives. However, your miniature garden can help with diverting your attention compared to the more traditional gardening methods. It is like playing with a doll’s house. You can start gardening with a rejected tray or a broken clay pot. Then it is up to you how you want to create your wonderland in that small space. There is no rule of thumb that you have to stick to and numerous options for designs.

It is not that you have to always choose petite plants, you may select the diminutive growers that will survive for a season. With small changes, you can make a big difference in the look of your garden. Therefore, many people new to miniature gardening are busy replacing something or adding something new their container garden.

Gives you the feeling of a complete garden
Miniature gardens are very much similar to the full-sized gardens, the only difference being the formers are condensed in much smaller spaces. A mini garden does not mean you will have a single plant in a pot. You have to select several of them and create a piece of art with your design and composition. Along with the plants, you can add mini figurines, fences, birdhouses, bird baths, fairy lights and many other items that will fit your design. There are endless possibilities to experiment with which is truly enthralling.

Needs low maintenance
A well planned miniature garden requires very less maintenance. You need to water it regularly or when the soil becomes dry, keep the plants in shape, remove the weeds and keep the design clean. While you are maintaining your small garden, one of the most satisfying aspects is the ritual pruning to keep the shape and scale of the tiny plants. You have to be very gentle while clipping these tiny plants. This is almost a therapeutic process. All these processes hardly take a few minutes a day.

For the busy and the stressed-out people, small gardens act as a soothing sanctuary. It also enhances the visual appeal of your home.