How to Decorate Your Miniature Garden

By | September 28, 2018

The art of gardening is quite an age old concept. But, there is always a search for something new that folks who love gardening will like to enjoy. Miniature gardening is that fresh air that these people have welcomed with delight. The very idea that it is possible to develop a magical world within a small pot or container is addictive. What is more amazing is that with small addition or alteration you can give your miniature garden a completely new personality. That’s why it is never monotonous.

miniature gardeningThere are various reasons why people like to build this little world. Whatever may be your reason, once you have made up your mind to build a miniature garden, first decide where you want to build it. You can keep this wonderful little imaginative world almost anywhere- inside the house or out in the sun, on the windowsill or inside the dark office. Try to be as much creative as possible to build up a really unique miniature garden.

How to Start?
miniature housesOne of the greatest advantages of miniature garden is that you can begin small and grow over time. There are endless ideas only limited by your imagination. You may want to tell a story through your tiny garden. A more common way is to build a garden around fairy tale. It can have small mountains, dessert or farm. It can have the witch house of Hansel and Gretel, the tower from Rapunzel or a shoe house. It can be the setting of Alice in Wonderland or Snow White and Seven Dwarf. Or else it can be a dream world of your imagination.

Where Will You Get the Accessories?
miniature fairy garden accessoriesYou may get all these tiny supplies from a local garden center or online. You may even try to create some of the accessories at home with modeling clay, wire, sticks and matches. You may also try to use some unused items that lay behind at the house-broken potteries, unused toys, damaged utensils and any other household items that will fit your garden decor. It is an exciting DIY activity that the kids will also find interesting.

Some Ideas:
• Stock up some round rocks and ask your kids to cover the rocks in paints and glitters.
• Encourage your children to use their imagination. They can make use of some toys or marvels as garden décor. Figurines creates from clay mold are also good if you are planning to place the container indoor.
miniature plants It is not that you will require a new pot to create the small garden. Create a mini garden in a broken tea set, old drawer, old suitcase, used basket, inside a glass bowl or some other unique thing you can think of.
• Add lights to your garden for a more dramatic effect.
Every miniature garden is a work of art. You need to be very patient dealing with such small detailing. Once you have completed the project it will give immense satisfaction. With little alteration you can give your garden a completely fresh look. Hence, you can keep on transforming your designs and create something new always.