What are the Signs of a Good Babysitter?

By | May 25, 2011

Parents hire babysitters to provide a temporary care for the child. You take references from your friends or relatives and even go through various referral agencies to find a good babysitter. Once you hire her, you need to check her work to make sure that she is better for your child. Here are some signs of a good babysitter that proves your decision right.

  • A good babysitter is always punctual, that is a good sign. It shows the perfect character and her dedication to the work.
  • She is more interested towards the work and gets creative ideas for providing fun to your child. She gathers the information related to the likes and dislikes of the child from the parents and acts accordingly. Therefore she tries to keep the kid happy.
  • If any problems arise, she provides creative solutions so that the childcare is not affected. Most of the emergency situations do not arise at home with a good babysitter.
  • There are also no frequent accidents or injuries to your child as she concerns for the safety of the child. She is always present near the child.
  • A good babysitter also communicates well with the parents. She provides you with a leaving notes and daily report that shows her sincerity.
  • Your child is always kept clean and neat. She wipes off the child’s face and hands whenever they become dirty. This way she keeps her eye on the health of the child.
  • The child is occupied in fun and meaningful activities related to housework, homework or playing games. She also becomes responsible in monitoring the use of television, telephone, and computer.

Hence, check whether your babysitter has the above signs or not. Getting a good babysitter is helpful for parents and kids. No issues and problems arise with her.