How to Reduce the HTTP Requests to Minimize the Page Loading Time?

By | October 6, 2014

The loading speed of a website depends on many factors and HTTP request is one of them. HTTP requests are made, when the browser requests the objects of the web page such as images, videos, flash files, CSS, etc. More number of requests reduces the speed or loading time of the website that is leading to the downtime. So, in order to reduce the downtime of the website and to speedup the loading speed we need to minimize the HTTP requests. So, do you want to know the ways to reduce the HTTP requests? Then, read this article.

There are three popular ways to reduce the HTTP requests from a web page and increase the speed of the website. This improves the overall performance of the website. Make sure to take the following steps:

1. Reduce the no. of images
2. Combine CSS files
3. Combine javascript files

Reduce the number of images
If your website is having many images in the theme then, it becomes complicated by increasing the size of image files. Each image in the web page is counted as one HTTP request so, as the no. of images increases the HTTP requests also increases affecting the loading time of the page. However, there is a way through which you can combine all the images and load as one file through CSS spriting or through image maps.

Here, the background images are combined into single background image. Here the size of the image remains same but, reduces the no. of HTTP requests increasing the speed. To perform this step you need to take the help of the developer. You can also remove the images which are not visible to the users and which are unnecessary from loading to make it more reliable and to reduce the loading speed.

Combine CSS files
Reducing the CSS files and combining it in to one file is a easy task. Just find out the CSS files in your coding and combine them in to one normal CSS file by copying the contents of all those files in one. Though you combine all the CSS files into one file the content will be the same without any changes.

Combine javascript files
Combining the js files is a difficult task to perform. You can try combining all the js files into a single js file and referencing that file in your web page with the help of some developer. You can also use some plugins to perform this task. But, performing this task manually is good because this will reduce the number of plugins in your website.

These three ways will have huge impact in increasing the loading speed of a website and you can also use CDN to improve the speed.