What is the Recruitment Cycle?

By | March 1, 2010

Recruitment is the process of attracting, screening, and selecting of qualified candidates for the required position in the organization. The recruitment cycle mainly involves three tasks those are preparation, selection, and appointment.

Recruitment cycle:

  1. Preparation: Preparation involves planning, recruitment, and advertising.  Planning involves understanding of job description about the required position and knows about the recruitment policies, procedures and legislative requirements. The sources of recruitment are internal sources and external sources. The job advertisement includes title, job description, job status, salary, required skills and knowledge, contact details, and application closing dates.
  2. Selection: Selection process starts with the receiving of application and end with the issuing of offer or rejection letters. The good quality of selection criteria is important for hiring a candidate.
  3. Appointment: The applicant takes the appointment from the employer administration. The appointment includes entering terms and conditions and payroll information. The other tasks involved in recruitment cycle are induction process, identifying training needs, and performance appraisals.

Oracle HRMS will be helpful to continue these tasks easily and makes the recruitment cycle simple. These three tasks are standard for any recruitment process.

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2 thoughts on “What is the Recruitment Cycle?

  1. Inayat Karim

    Recruitment cycle is

    1. Need Assessment
    2. Job Specification
    3. Job Advertizing
    4. Received application
    5 short list
    6. Call latter
    7. Test and Interview
    8. Selection
    9. Orientation
    10. confirmation.

    Best regards Inayat

  2. Rashmi Ranjita Dash

    Recruitment is a process to searching for prospective candidate and stimulating them to apply the job of the organisation,that is Recruitment.When an organisation have some vacancies he can go through net,Placement office,News paper etc.Seen that advertisement the candidate come to Interview.They apper the interview.After that the interviwee select the prospective employee to fulfill the vacant post.That is Recruitment Cycle.

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