Best Selling Cars of June 2010: Chicago Tribune

By | September 14, 2010

During the present days, the sales of the cars has increased a lot because of increase in the needs of the customers. US is one of the largest auto market where the products from different countries are sold.

Most of the major auto makers sales experienced increase in sales during the month of June. The major car manufacturing company Ford experienced a growth of 13.3%, GM has increased by 10.7%, Honda sales increased by 6.2%, Toyota is up by 6.8%.

The best selling cars during month of June are Ford F-series and the number of cars sold are 46,502; Chevrolet Silverado and its sales 30,994; Toyota Camry and its sales are 28,435 Honda Accord with sales 26,792; Honda Civic and its sales are 26,474 which even includes Hybrid; Toyota Corolla and its sales 21, 876; Chevrolet Malibu and its sales are 20,720; Ford Fusion and its sales are 18,412; Hyundai Sonata and its sales are 17,771 and Honda CR-V and its sales are 16,041. Thus, these are the best selling cars which are being used.