Know About Wan Optimization

By | December 12, 2010

Faster access to data is main criteria for every business in IT sectors. From small companies to large companies which use the internet and have the employees working from different locations and customers from different places, WAN optimization is very helpful.

Optimizing the Wide Area network is called as WAN optimization. Any business going for cloud computing today, should also consider WAN optimization. Wan optimization also prevents the existing problems which are arisen in businesses network.

WAN optimization is also crucial for application performance management. There are different techniques of wan-optimization:

  • De-duplication: The transfer of the redundant data is eliminated by sending references instead of the actual data, across the WAN.
  • Compression: It depends on the data patterns which can be represented more efficiently.
  • Caching: Many copies of important files and specially larger ones are stored in different locations by using this caching. This is best suited for point to point leased line.
  • Latency optimization: Requests of the local clients are answered by the local WAN optimizer in order to reduce the delay of the WAN.

WAN optimization devices can also be helpful in optimizing WAN. Quick and secure data transmission through the network is enabled by WAN optimization.