Types Of Barcode Computer Systems

By | April 2, 2010

After deciding on which barcode scanner technology to be used, a computer system to process the barcode input must be selected. The barcode computer systems are of four types. They are local area network, single user, multi-user, and portable system.

  • Single User: These systems will use a single PC along with a single barcode reader to convert data. These are usually the best type of system to begin with, as they provide an experience with barcode technology eliminating some of the complications of multi-user systems.
  • Multi-user: These systems consists of a single computer which is connected to many barcode readers, terminal, or both.
  • Local Area Network: This system is attached to many typically single-user systems and common file server through a network. These are very flexible systems and presently the most popular.
  • Portable Systems: Portable systems are used with all systems which are specified above. They are used along with computers to keep data up-to-date either in real time or in batch mode.