Negative Effects of the THC on Human Brain

By | December 18, 2010

Generally brain is the important part of the body for every individual. It plays key role to concentrate on things, pay attention, remember the things, store the information and so on. There are many nerves, which help in daily function of the brain.

Using marijuana cause the many adverse effects on the brain and body. It causes many health problems like increase in rate of anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia and more. It also causes mental illness like early exposure to stress or violence, if a person use the marijuana in the long run. Memory power, level of intellectual and concentration power will be reduced by using marijuana. Users will become lazy and become in capable of remembering the things and persons.

One can use the thc drug test to detect the marijuana drug presence in system. Thc drug testing will help the people to find out drug abusers. Parents can confirm their children’ drug use and they can take prevention for them. Employers can use this test to know who is using drug in workplace.

In this way marijuana drug use effects on the human brain. It also effects the different organs of the body.