Using Glow sticks During Natural Disasters Evacuation

By | May 19, 2011

Apart from the traditional uses of glow sticks for entertainment, they are also used as emergency tools at various situations. Sudden and unexpected occurrences of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornado, earthquakes and so on result in severe damages. Many rescue operations are to be taken at such places day and night. To have the best source of light in dark for carrying out those operations is very much necessary. Glow sticks are the best items for such applications.

Glow sticks are very small and light in weight and so are very easy to handle and use at any place. They are also inexpensive and using wholesale glow sticks at emergency situations can be helpful. They contain chemical substances encased in a plastic tube. However, the chemicals are separated by a glass vial. The reaction occurs between the chemicals when they are combined after the vial is broken. This chemiluminescent reaction gives the glow which is colored due to the presence of a fluorescent dye. All that is needed for the glow sticks to work is the ample amount of chemicals. So there is no need for any recharging batteries like flashlights.

Glow sticks are even weather-proof. They are wind-proof and water-proof. Hence, they can be used at any type of environment. As said, electrified filaments or batteries are not required for glow sticks unlike torches. So they are safe to be used at environments where there is a risk of explosions. Wholesale glow sticks are used by rescue workers like doctors and fire-fighters to tag injured people. There are even some special wholesale glow sticks which emit infrared radiation. They are used in conjunction with night vision equipment at some emergency cases. Hence, glow sticks are a helping hand to support operations after natural disasters.