What is Intensive Farming?

By | June 6, 2012

Intensive farming also known as intensive agriculture is a method of cultivating or an agricultural production system uses levels of inputs such as investment or capital, labor, or heavy use of chemical fertilizers, mechanical ploughing (evolves emission) methods and pesticides relative to land area to achieve maximum crops at the lowest possible price.

However, this type of farming is very opposite to traditional farming in which the inputs per unit land are lower but the number of labor increases until it gets replaced by machines. Due to continues increase in population, there is a need to increase food production in a same land with many yields. Then only population gets sufficient amount of food. So, many international organizations are focusing on this type of agricultural intensification farming.

The methods or techniques using in intensive farming for food production are not only creating localized ecological disasters but also it is creating many impacts on many places of the countryside.

This type of intensive farming is not only for cultivating plants but also you can raise large numbers of animals in a limited land which require large amounts of food, water and medicines required to keep the animals healthy in good conditions.

By this farming method, animals are raising in a limited land so they are addicting to health issues also. Now a days we can say that the practice of agriculture is a global disease, because it is using more and more chemicals and fertilizers which can lead to soil degradation, water contamination and environmental pollution.

According to some reports, the farmers who produces crops without using any pesticides and fertilizers are more productive than the people who use those.

However, now a days agricultural intensification has been the dominant result to population growth, as it allows for producing more food on the same amount of land but at the same time it is giving side effects.