Tornado or Windstorm Safety Driving Tips

By | October 10, 2013

Most of us know that one of the safest place to protect from tornadoes is taking shelter in buildings. But when you are in a vehicle the rules are different. In this article we will discuss some safety driving tips when you face a tornado.

  • Clearly check the distance and stop driving: Check the distance of tornado to your vehicle. If it is on the road, do not drive the car towards tornado. Stop at a safe distance until the tornado completely disappears or the local authorities have declared it safe to go ahead.
  • Stay alert: If the sky is ugly green color and there is funnel cloud formation, it is the ideal condition for tornado formation. Some times it will happen without a typical funnel. Watch around you about the tornado formation. If it is night time check for the flashes and blowing sounds by the wind. And check with the tornado alerts. Turn on the radio to know the tornado alerts in your area.
  • Don’t stay in vehicle: Tornado’s strong winds are capable of picking the things and debris and deposit them miles away. So the car will not give a good protection from the tornado. Even do not hide under the car. Storm winds can roll the car.
  • Find shelter: Find a shelter nearby. Do not stay in mobile houses, underpasses and overpasses, and any open higher places. Try to get into a nearby building. If there are no buildings available, park your car in a safe distance and cover yourself with a blanket and stay near to floor or bent down. If there is any lower ground stay there up to the possible lower and bent your body to the ground by facing your front to floor and cover your head with hands.
  • Don’t try to outrun: If the tornado is too away from you and have the chance to outrun, you can run. But if the tornado is near and you are trying to outrun that means you are running towards it’s way. Tornadoes can travel over sixty meter per hour. They do not have to follow the road. They can change the root at any time. So never try to outrun if the tornado is near. Driving away on ninety degree angle from a tornado is a good strategy.

If you know before hand about the tornado, do not come out of your house. In an exceptional condition if you are near to the tornado, try to get shelter nearby. Tornadoes have dust and other objects they will seriously effect you and your vehicle.