Glow Sticks as Safety Appliances at Workplaces

By | August 4, 2011

It is known for all of us that glow sticks are used for enjoying in dark night parties. People love to use different products of glow sticks like glow bracelets, glow necklaces and earrings for partying. They are also the best pieces for decoration, fundraising parties and promotional events. What are glow sticks to do at workplaces? Are you confused? They are the most useful items during emergency situations at workplaces.

Ensuring the safety of employees is necessary for the organizations. Therefore, safety equipment like fire extinguishers are installed in order to avoid occurrence of any accidents. First aid and emergency kits should also be placed for safety. Specific medications, bandages, adhesive tapes, antibacterial hand cleaners and so on are the common items to be included in first aid kits. Apart from these things, emergency lighting equipments should be a part of safety equipment to be placed at workplaces. Many organizations use flashlights as emergency lighting tools. However, it is preferred to use glow sticks. Make sure that a set of glow sticks are placed at the exit points of workplaces.

Glow sticks are easy to be handled at emergency situations. They are to be just bent for breaking the inner glass vial to combine the chemicals and activate the glow stick. Glow sticks are very inexpensive and purchasing wholesale glow sticks from an online retailer further saves your cost. Unlike flashlights, they do not need any batteries. It could be annoying if the batteries in the flashlights you are using at emergency mishaps have no charging. You should frequently check if the flashlights have properly charged batteries. However, this is not the case with glow sticks. Therefore, it is much beneficial to use glow sticks as safety appliances at workplaces.