When to Change the Wiper Blades of Your Car?

By | June 12, 2014

Wiper blades are key components of a car. Mostly in winters and fall they have a lot of work, not throughout the year. The most important thing is visibility in winter as it is often filled with precipitation, dull daylight and salt on windshield they need to be replaced with a new pair of wipers.

Replace if the wipers are broken
If your wiper blades are torn or broken or cracked or they are making noise then it’s time to replace them with a new one. If your car blades are old, you should replace them. Clean your wipers of any dust as they move the water accumulated on the windscreen. The wipers are affected a lot as they are outside and more prone to dust, dirt and sun rays. The sun rays cause imperfections to the glass thus it affects the shape of the glass. The sand and dirt get deposited on blades along with oil thereby reducing their effectiveness.

Change wipers in fall
Wipers are generally used in fall and winter so change them during every fall with a new wipers. You need to change wipers in winter because anything falling from sky will get settled on the windshield of the car. They are open to dust and pollution a lot and needs replacement with a fresh set of wipers. Replace the wiper blades after every car maintenance schedule. It is very easy to remove and keep the wiper blades without the help of any tools. Some cars need same – size wiper blades for driver and passenger wiper blades while some require different size blades for both. Ask the store keeper for the correct wiper to be fixed. There are many wipers in market specially designed for winter.

Replace wipers after one year
Depending on location, the place where you stay, replacement of wiper can be done after one year. The life of a wiper blade is one year. Change wipers for every 6 months or one year or depending on the driving visibility. If your wiper blades are in good condition then top off the wiper fluid regularly especially in winter and early spring. Check for the wiper fluid in the reservoir. Add wiper fluid mixed with de-icer. During winters with strong storm falling, an untreated wiper fluid creates ice on windows or your wiper blades stopped functioning and need to be changed.

Crack in the windshield
Whenever you find a chip or a crack on the windshield fix it. If action is not taken immediately then it can lead to breakdown of windshield which will be again more expensive to fix and more dangerous if your driving the car and the breakage occurs. The damaged glass is likely to cut the rubber of the wiper blade which causes streaking sound and poor visibility. Fix your chips and cracks as soon as possible and it is usually covered by car insurance.