Design Your Garden Landscape with Gazebos and Pavilions

By | September 3, 2014

Do you have Gazebo or pavilion in your garden? No, so are you interested in having one beautiful gazebo for spending your leisure time over there? Then, it is a good idea. People usually love spending their evening or leisure time in peaceful environment. For, this gazebo or pavilions are the best places, which can be constructed, in garden yard or landscape. People prefer gazebos in garden yard because, it gives natural feel along with pleasantness. Here are few types of gazebos and pavilions through which can choose any one and construct in your garden. Read the below article for information about various types of gazebos or pavilions.

fairy housesFew types of gazebos and pavilions are listed out below.
Open roofed gazebos and pavilions: Open roofed gazebos can be constructed with metal and can be covered during summer and winter for protection. This gives a rustic look to your garden. People prefer open roofed gazebos to enjoy the fresh air of the garden from all sides. This open roofed gazebos and pavilions are very popular in France in 14th century. Open roofed gazebos can be constructed with not only metal but also steel, iron etc. However, see that before the construction whether they can withstand to the weather changes or not. These rustic gazebos are left natural without painting to give it a natural look.

Closed gazebos and pavilions: Closed gazebos are closed or roofed on all sides with glass and screened to ward off flies and mosquitoes, marble or stone etc. The closed gazebos can also be made of metal to give them a modern look. These closed types of gazebos reassemble the Greek architecture, or else a Japanese style gazebo, which will give your garden a tranquil Zen atmosphere. Fairy housesThese gazebos give privacy for the people. People who need a good protection from the weather changes can prefer these closed gazebos. You can also construct these gazebos with wood, which would be of less cost.
These open and closed gazebos are good for the people who need permanent gazebos in their garden. However, if your need temporary you can go to portable gazebos.

Portable gazebos and pavilions: Portable gazebos are temporary and can be placed or constructed in your garden whenever necessary and they are very easy to install. They need a light framework and can be covered with canvas. The portable gazebos can be closed or opened. These portable gazebos are easy to assemble and break down. These can be used especially in summer seasons and once the season is over you can break down it and put it back in the storage.

These are three different types of gazebos and pavilions that you can construct in your garden to have a best time over there.miniature trees