Hardscape Choices in Your Landscape Design

By | October 8, 2014

Outdoor living needs a good landscape design. To add beauty to your outdoor landscape you can make use of hardscape designs. There are various miniature treeshardscape choices available for your landscape and here we have listed out few of them. Many people are not aware of this hardscape designs, so to make them conscious we came up with this article which gives them information regarding four different types of hardscape choices.

Traditional hardscape
In previous days, traditional hardscapes surfaces were laid with materials like concrete, wood, etc. Most people prefer using old and simple methods and for them, choosing this kind of traditional hardscape is good. For this traditional landscape you can make use of hard stone choices like concrete. This gives your landscape a simple look. These traditional hardscapes are strong enough for walking or standing. To give your landscape a traditional look you can choose this hardscape.

Soft hardscapeminiature houses
Soft hardscapes can be laid with the several choices of mulch or gravel stone materials. These stones are available in various colors and sizes and give stylish look to your landscape based on the size and color you have chosen. This gravel or mulch can be complimented with other stones like marble, glass mulch etc. Today most people are preferring this soft hardscape designs because of their unique look.

Mixed hardscape
Name itself is saying that, it is a combination of two types of hardscapes i.e., traditional hardscape is intertwined with the soft hardscape. Mixed hardscapes look more attractive as they are combination of two hardscapes. These can be created with hard stones choices along with gravel, or mulch. You can combine this both hardscapes in many ways, if you want to give more of decorative look to your landscape then, this can be done with soft hardscape materials of various colors, sizes and materials.

Green landscapeminiature garden
As most of the hardscapes are for garden side, green hardscape is more natural for your landscape design. Green hardscapes can be made by combining the stone with the small plants. Use stones like concrete in your landscape and leave the space in between the stones where soil is exposed and plant small grass or small plants in that little space left out. People looking for natural landscape designs can use this green hardscapes.

These are various types of hardscape choices available for your landscape design. So, choose the one according to your landscape needs.