Top Employers Present Across Texas

By | November 15, 2014

Major employers in Texas helps in driving the state’s dynamic and diverse economy with an efficient mix up of business services, rapidly advancing biomedical and biotechnology sector, emerging new energy economy, diversified manufacturing sector while producing things from aircraft and semiconductors to Toyota trucks. Following are the few largest employers located in an around Texas.

Top employers to work and their significance

  • Austin Independent School District: It is the fifth largest school district in Texas and is one of the city’s major employers serving about 12 schools and 86,000 students where the student population a have been grown by 6 % over past five years.
  • City of Austin: It is one of the major employers that run all local government and city operations with being the fourth largest city and includes city business and residential services.
  • Dell, Inc.: It forms one top supporters, sellers and leading developers of computers and its related services and products in the whole world.
  • IBM Corp: Being a consulting firm and multinational technology, located in Austin manufactures and sells computer software and hardware along with infrastructure, consulting and hosting services ranging from mainframe computer systems to devices at nano scale (Nanotechnology).
    • It holds more numerous patents than that of Us based technology company having nine research laboratories around the world.
  • Apple Computer, Inc.: Giant apple, Inc. employs more than 3,000 diversified in to various industries like marketing, sales and customer service. Recently company announced further plans for its expansion towards northwest of Austin.
  • AT & T: It is one largest telecommunications companies in the world being a largest provider for mobile and fixed telephones in US.
  • AMR Corporation (American Airlines): AMR is one the world’s largest airlines serving 250 cities across 40 countries with thousands of flights.
    • Its main head quarters are at Fort worth and includes The American eagle, The American and the American connection lines.
    • It was named as the worlds leading airlines in 2012 by world travel awards to north America.
  • Bank of America Corp: Bank of America serves both small and medium market businesses along with individual customers from investing to banking and asset management.
    • It is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. It is the fifth largest company in the United States in terms of revenue.
  • Baylor Health Care System: The largest campus of Baylor’s is the Baylor university medical center located in Dallas which provides effective patient care along with medical and teaching research.
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.: It is one largest banks in Texas serving 21 million households, mortgages around 7 million with 1.6 million customers widely around the world.
  • Texas Health Resources Inc: Being one of the largest non- profit, faith based health care systems having 14 hospitals with 19,000 employees in the Dallas- fort worth area.
    • In 2013, it was named in top 25% of national top workplaces by Dallas morning news.

Lockheed Martin: F-35 lightning 2 and F-16 fighting falcon, Seton healthcare family and dell are made by the lock heed martin aeronautics production plant.