Types Of Barcode Ribbons

By | March 4, 2010

Generally, business barcode ribbons are categorized into three types namely wax type, wax resin type, and resin.

Wax is the very less expensive barcode ribbon, which is available and is usually used for thermal transfer paper labels, furnishing cheap and easy printing. Common applications of wax barcode ribbons are inventory control labels, shipping labels, hang tags, general purpose labeling. Wax ribbons are best suitable for general purpose labeling.

Wax resin is generally used for thermal transfer printable surface paper, synthetic labels and tags. It is used where there is increased moisture or where a particular amount of smudge resistance is needed. They are applied for bagging machines, pharmaceutical labels, frozen product labels, drum and pallet labels, inventory control, mattress or cushion tags. Wax/resin ribbons are best suitable for moderate scratch, abrasion and mild chemical resistance.

Resin is usually used for thermal transfer printable high-end materials where it can resist extreme heat, oils and solvents. Its applications are for pharmaceutical labels, drum and pallet labels, asset labels, and dry cleaning labels. Resin ribbons are best suitable in harsh environmental conditions.

Self-contained rolls are generally available in different shapes and sizes, and may be acquired in either printed or non-printed form. High-quality self-contained rolls are used for good lifespan of dot-matrix printers as they provide very good image quality. They are usually used as cash register rolls for hospitality and retail industry, credit card processing.

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