Best Practices For Implementation of SaaS

By | April 19, 2011

Software as a service is a process in which the software can be accessed by the company through the internet and the payment can be made as per the use. In this process Software as a Service vendors maintain enterprise software on servers within their own company data center and the customers can access the software via the Internet. It can also be called as software on demand.

Following are the steps for implementing the SaaS in an organization:

Choosing Right SaaS Vendor:
While choosing a vendor for SaaS it is important to consider vendor’s ability to provide best services for specific implementation and industry, the level of flexibility provided in the application, ability to expand beyond a single customer service channel, and a proven strategy for migrating from SaaS to on premise implementations.

Evaluating Practices:
It is also important for the companies to take care of the deployment time and the content that will effectively help users refine queries and deliver targeted, relevant answers with the very first use.

Ask For Customization:
Generally SaaS vendors offers only one application model for all customers and there is no difference in the application used by the company and the competitors application. So it is better to opt for the SaaS applications which are customized according to the needs of the organization and provide competitive advantage.

Planning For Unknown:
It is better to choose SaaS for a complete solution rather than for a single solution because customers are demanding for multichannel access. Customers want the ability to move seamlessly from phone to email to chat to web co browsing and receive the same consistent experience.