All About Web Banner Advertising

By | October 28, 2014

Ad server for ad networksBanner advertising is a relatively older form of web advertising than other forms of online advertising. It has been in use since long, even when the traditional form of advertising was more prominent. This form of advertising is very effective in drawing the attention of the customer. These advertisements intend at drawing the traffic towards the parent site through user interactions with the advertisement.

These advertisements are most effective because of the fact that they are designed in an attractive and catchy way. Many of them are in fact luring and compels a viewer to click on the ad. They hence serve as most effective means of drawing the viewer traffic toward the parent website. They usually contain the elements of text, videos, animation, audio and other graphics.

Types of banner advertisements
The medium of web banners can be utilized in many ways. The main forms of web banners used over the internet are as follows:

  • Ad server softwareFloating ad: While browsing over the internet, many of us might have came across the advertisements which place the content of the website for a short period of time. Such ads are known as floating ads. Viewers can not ignore these advertisements. This way, these ads are very effective in marketing the products to the viewers.
  • Interstitial ad: These type of advertisements utilize the time lag that the website requested by the user takes for loading the content. In this time, interstitial advertisement is displayed for the viewer drawing the attention. Once the main website loads, the interstitial ad disappears.
  • Expanding ad: These type of ads change their dimensions as per the way they are programmed. It can happen after a predefined time a user spends on that website, after the main website has loaded, if the user clicks on it or moves the cursor over it. They are stuffed with rich content are made quite attractive and interacting.
  • AdserverPop-ups: Pop-ups are additional web pages that are opened automatically after an user opens some page. These pop up windows are used to deliver the product advertisement to the user.
  • Frame ads: Frame ads are the most primitive variants of the web banners. Web page designers set aside some space for the ad servers to post the ads. These ads are generally accommodated at the borders of the web page.

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